Privacy policy

Welcome to Ochiai’s privacy policy, we are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information.

Privacy policy

Gathering, utilization, and sharing of personal data

Our company gathers personal information from customers and business partners (customers) for the following purposes and employs this collected personal information solely within this defined scope. Furthermore, personal information collected from customers, etc. will not be shared or disclosed to third parties unless there are suitable circumstances, such as obtaining consent from the customer, etc.

Purpose of use
  1. Addressing inquiries.
  2. Fulfilling contractual obligations with customers, etc.
  3. Enhancing product and service development.
  4. Providing valuable information to customers, etc.
  5. Other lawful purposes.

Joint usage

Our company may share the personal information you provide with affiliated companies as needed to accomplish the aforementioned purpose. The specific personal information items to be shared, the extent of its use, and the individual responsible for its management are detailed below.

Items of personal data that may be used jointly

Personal information items to be jointly used include the necessary details for fulfilling the aforementioned purpose of use, such as names, company names, affiliations, telephone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information.

Scope of joint users

Our affiliated companies

The company responsible for managing this shared information

Ochiai Co., Ltd.

Sharing information with a third party

The personal information obtained by our company will not be shared with third parties unless required by the Personal Information Protection Act or other applicable laws and regulations. Such exceptions include the following circumstances.

When sharing information with a third party
  • When the individual in question gives prior consent.
  • When outsourcing tasks to a third party, only within the necessary scope to fulfill the purpose of use.
  • In the case of joint usage as stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Act.

Proper management of personal information

We will ensure the proper management of personal information of customers and others by implementing security measures to prevent loss, destruction, tampering, unauthorized access, and data breaches.

Adherence to legal and regulatory requirements concerning personal information

We will manage our customers’ personal information in accordance with the regulations and laws outlined in the Personal Information Protection Act.

Storing personal information

Our company may entrust the management of personal information to a third-party service provider to fulfill the aforementioned purposes of use. When outsourcing, we will establish a contract and conduct periodic inspections to verify that proper handling is maintained.

The disclosure, rectification, and removal of personal information

If you would like to inquire about, amend, or delete your personal information, please contact with our office.

Enhancing and advancing the protection of personal information

Our company will conduct employee training to guarantee the proper handling of personal information of customers and others. Furthermore, we will regularly assess the appropriate management of personal information, and as needed, refine and enhance our efforts in personal information protection.

Contact us

The contact information for customer inquiries is as follows. Please be aware that this policy may undergo changes without prior notice. Ochiai Co., Ltd.
Phone: +81-3-3636-8802