Customization features

We provide support from initial trials to mass production according to our customers’ requirements. Our expertise lies in proposing solutions that predict easy installation and minimize labor-intensive processes. Additionally, we offer global customer support by leveraging our international locations.


Image of Design/Prototypes/Testing

Suggesting slight enhancements to customer drawings, offering design suggestions through sketches, and proposing designs aligned with mass production to achieve potential cost savings. Additionally, avoiding discrepancies between trials and mass production by aligning trial conditions closely with mass production requirements and designing with consideration for mating parts that will be assembled together. Furthermore, we can provide fast and highly precise support as the same designer oversees trials and testing throughout the entire process.

In-house integrated production system

Image of In-house integrated production system

Ochiai employs an integrated production system that enables everything to be performed and resolved in-house, from hearings with customers to product design, prototype and die manufacture, mass production, packaging and follow-ups after delivery. We are enhancing customer support through our company at each of our global manufacturing sites. The in-house integrated production system is one of Ochiai’s strengths and it also a promise to our customers that we are fully responsible for every process.

Advantages of an integrated manufacturing system

  1. Icon of High quality
    01 High quality
    Ensure consistent high-quality output by rigorously inspecting and maintaining quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.
  2. Icon of Reliable supply
    02 Reliable supply
    The sales and production teams are collaborating based on the latest data to expedite the delivery of the required quantity.
  3. Icon of Minimizing lead-time
    03 Minimizing lead-time
    By implementing an integrated manufacturing system that involves actively listening to customer feedback, designing products, and executing mass production, we achieved swift and efficient product delivery.
  4. Icon of Cost-effective
    04 Cost-effective
    We are enhancing our in-house company support at each of our international manufacturing facilities.

In-house integrated production system flow

In-house integrated production system flow